Web Application Security

Web Application Penetration Testing. Testing the security of web applications is an important step in ensuring that data integrity and confidentiality are protected.

The purpose of a Web Application Penetration Test is to identify potential vulnerabilities that may exist in the website. A penetration test is required for any website that runs web applications, has a high risk profile or provides access to critical data.

This test should be performed on an ongoing basis to identify changes in the environment. For larger scale websites, it is wise to perform a penetration test periodically, not after every change.

The Importance of Web Application Security

With the tremendous growth in cybercrime, the need for penetration testing of web applications has increased. Some web applications are so critical to organizations that downtime can cause significant financial losses, customer dissatisfaction or operational disruptions.

The need for Web Application Security is also driven by the increasingly sophisticated threats facing some organizations.
As technology continues to advance, new vulnerabilities are created that need to be tested before they become a security issue. When performing a penetration test on any type of system, including a web application, it is critical to understand whether it is an application vulnerability or a system vulnerability.


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