What is ISO 27701 KVYS ?

Personal data and the necessity to use this data intensively are among the benefits of the internet and globalization. The intensity of the active use of personal data also ensures the efficient use of the internet. On the other hand, it is another obligation to ensure the protection and security of personal data at the highest level. For this reason, the Information Security Management System ISO 27001 Standard, which was prepared as a result of the studies carried out by IEC and ISO, has been established as a roof standard.

ISO 27701 KVYS Personal Data Management System, ISO 27001 BGYS It is a certificate that cannot be obtained without a standard. The audit, which is carried out after all the requirements of the standard are fulfilled and put into practice, is carried out to cover both standards.

What is a Personal Data Management System?

As one of the most important stages of the Information Security Management System, the Personal Data Management System guides organizations as a guide. The guide prepared for the conditions under which personal data should be collected, stored and secured ensures that all organizations adopt the security of this information as a management system.

In the international arena, countries and unions such as the European Union have various laws on the protection of personal data. There are various laws such as the Law on the Protection of Personal Data in our country, GPDR in the European Union, DPA in the UK, and the requirements of these laws that differ on the subject. This situation makes an internationally recognized standard mandatory for the protection of personal data. ISO 27701 KVYS Personal Data Management System is a guide as part of the ISO 27001 Information Management System.


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