ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a worldwide standard that every organization can implement. Thousands of organizations that meet the standard have been awarded ISO certification. The document is spreading rapidly in Turkey as it is all over the world and has been made compulsory for telecom companies by the Telecommunications Authority.

With our experienced staff, ESBILGI prepares your company for the ISO 27001 certification audit by implementing the entire ISMS processes with you through ISO 27001 consultancy service. This service starts with the determination of the scope document and ends with the company receiving the certificate.

ISO27001 Information Security Consultancy

ISO27001  The main purpose of Information Security consultancy is to determine the minimum security measures to reduce or eliminate information security risks and to ensure the security of critical information/data that may threaten national security or cause public order to deteriorate, especially when its confidentiality, integrity or accessibility is impaired, and to define the activities to be carried out for the implementation of the determined measures.

ISO27001 The need for Information Security Consulting is also driven by the increasingly sophisticated threats facing some organizations.
As technology continues to advance, new vulnerabilities are created that need to be tested before they become a security issue. When performing a penetration test on any type of system, including a web application, it is crucial to understand whether it is an application vulnerability or a system vulnerability.


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