BDDK Compliant Penetration Testing Service

It is a test that is performed in accordance with the BDDK regulations and can be applied to all banks as standard. Within the scope of this service, Esbilgi experts perform the test in the best way possible by transferring their own knowledge and skills to the work through vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing methodology.  This test is recommended if the purpose of the bank is to obtain the report to be submitted to the BDDK.

Penetration tests consist of basic penetration tests and detailed penetration tests to be performed after these tests. The tests to be performed within the scope of penetration tests cover at least the following topics.

• Communication Infrastructure and Active Devices
• DNS Services
• Domain and User Computers
• Email Services
• Database Systems
• Web Applications
• Mobile Applications
• Wireless Network Systems
• ATM Systems
• Distributed Decommissioning Tests
• Social Engineering Tests

ESBILGI is authorized by TSE as DDO Audit company with TS-004 code. To get an audit offer, you can send an e-mail to or contact us at 0 216 606 02 87.


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