What is ISO 27019 ?

ISO 27019
The Energy Infrastructure Information Security Management System Standard is important for every sector, but in some critical sectors, it has a greater importance due to its possible consequences. The field of energy transmission and distribution is one of the most important sectors in the world today.

Its vital importance requires the prevention of any disruption in transmission and distribution. In this framework, it is necessary to gain ISO 27019 Energy Infrastructures Information Security Standard as part of the infrastructure necessary for the relevant sector to gain an Information Security Management System.

Energy Infrastructure Information Security Standard

Various applications, software used in the energy sector, various tools required to manage the process, remote management of these tools, and the ability of users to directly access the transmission network are the requirements of the sector.

In the communication network that exists during all these processes, it is another necessity that a lot of data circulates at the same time. ISO 27019 Energy Infrastructures Information Security Management System Standard, which has been prepared sectorally by ISO and IEC, taking into account all differences, has a feature that all organizations operating in this field can adapt.

Who can get the ISO 27019 Certificate?

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate is mandatory for all organizations operating in the field of energy such as oil, gas and electricity in Turkey through the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. In this framework, in order to obtain ISO 27001 ISMS Certificate, ISO 27019 Energy Infrastructures Information Security Management System Certificate, which is a guide with sectoral characteristics, must also be obtained.

The infrastructural transformation in the ISO 27019 guide also enables the creation of an Information Security Management System with ISO 27001 compliance. ISO 27019, which constitutes the completion and follow-up stages of the Information Security Management System process, is a mandatory certification stage for all organizations operating in this sector.


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