DDO Information and Communication Security Guidelines Compliance Consultancy Service

The Presidential Circular No. 2019/12 on Information and Communication Security Measures was published in the Official Gazette dated 06.07.2019 and numbered 30823 in order to determine the measures to be taken by public institutions and organizations and enterprises providing critical infrastructure services within the scope of information and communication security. In line with the Circular, Information and Communication Security Guide was prepared with the participation of stakeholders under the coordination of the Presidential DDO (Digital Transformation Office).

The main purpose of the Guideline is to determine the minimum security measures to reduce and eliminate information security risks and to ensure the security of critical information/data that may threaten national security or cause a deterioration in public order, especially when its confidentiality, integrity or accessibility is compromised, and to define the activities to be carried out to implement the determined measures.
Within the Information and Communication Security Guide compliance consultancy offered by Esbilgi, the following activities are carried out to comply with the guide;

– Identification of asset groups,
– Determining the criticality of asset groups,
– Current situation and gap analysis,
– Preparation of the guide implementation roadmap,


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