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Data defined as personal data or personal information are information that should be specific to individuals, such as name, surname, address, various financial information such as credit card, banking, certain information on the ID card or driver's license and similar information.

However, it is imperative that we use this information in all organizations, public or private, that we benefit from or that we have to apply to. During the functioning of the public and economic order, this information has to be processed in various ways. However, within the scope of the rights and freedoms of individuals, the right to control all these data should be with the data owners.

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data is a law that has existed in our country since 2016. It has been prepared to ensure that personal data is used in a controlled manner by the right holders and that all organizations have responsibilities during the storage and processing of this data.

What is the Personal Data Protection Law?

Prior to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, it was regulated through the provisions existing in various legal regulations in our country. However, reasons such as the development of technology at an extraordinary speed and the increasingly intensive use of the internet necessitated comprehensive legal regulations on this subject.

In addition, the fact that there were different legal regulations for the protection of personal rights on an international scale caused the emergence of other major problems for the globalizing world. In this context, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which we have today, enables individuals to take control of all their private information and thus to regain control of their inherent rights.

Personal Data Protection Law Consultancy

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data makes it mandatory for all organizations that use, store and process personal data to have technical and technological infrastructures.

Whether the service or product offered has a local, national or international scope, the installation of these infrastructures and the operation of the management systems have a very wide scope. At the same time, it has a complexity where different specialties of legal science, technique and technology need to produce solutions together. This situation also gains a special status and importance when ISO standards are required to be owned by the sector.


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