Complies with National and International Standards Cyber Security Solutions.

Esmer Information Technologies TSE Penetration Testing serves in accordance with many national and international accreditations. We aim to understand your needs and offer the right solutions with our expert team to create and strengthen the information security awareness of institutions and organizations.

DDO Information Communication Security

ESBILGI is authorized by TSE as DDO Audit company with TS-004 code.

ISO 27001 Information Security

ISO 27001 BGYS is a worldwide standard that any organization can apply.

Local Network Penetration Test

Local Area Network Penetration testing is a type of vulnerability detection that identifies potential holes in the target's network security.  

Web Application Security

Testing the security of web applications ensures that data integrity and confidentiality are protected.

BDDK Compliant Penetration Test

It is a test that is performed in accordance with the BDDK regulation and can be applied to all banks.

SPK Sızma Testi

In accordance with SPK regulations, all brokerage houses are required to take a penetration test once a year.

Information Security and Cyber Security

Want to Make Your Apps Secure?

You will appreciate our reporting service based on problem and solution-oriented working principle analyzed according to threat vectors in accordance with many national and international accreditations and standards (TSE, ISO, HIPAA, KVKK, etc.)!

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