Local Network Security Testing

Local Network Penetration testing is a type of vulnerability detection that focuses on identifying potential holes in the target's network security.

Local Network Penetration testing can be done using software using scripts to perform automated checks or manually by a person. A penetration test attempts to identify vulnerabilities in the network, usually by acting as a malicious actor.

It may also analyze sites or services that can be accessed externally from the target or try to identify possible vulnerabilities when authenticating with the target’s systems. Penetration testing is a form of security testing that involves actively trying to gain access to a computer system or network. It is used to assess the vulnerability of the system.

Local Network Security Audit

Local Network Penetration Testing (Penetration) has been used by security professionals for years. These tests are designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in the network and provide protection against an attacker.

Penetration tests (also known as pentests) are conducted by professional security testers who have knowledge of how to exploit vulnerabilities found during testing. The main purpose of penetration testing is to determine whether attackers can gain unauthorized access to an information system from outside or inside the organization’s physical perimeter.

Penetration testing is not a hacking attempt or any kind of cyber attack. In fact, it is a simulated attack on the system that provides better protection against future attacks.


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